Snake catchers rescue 5ft python from bathroom light

The worst thing to spot in the shower!

A Queensland snake catcher has shared a video wrangling a five-foot long python from a bathroom skylight in Noosa. 

‘Imagine having a shower or going to the loo and seeing that above your head,’ joked Luke Huntley, owner of Snake Catcher Noosa.

Mr Huntley says the large carpet python had been sunning itself in the skylight, and was a fun catch to make. 

‘It was a very warm little spot, so it was a great spot for a snake,’ he says. 

‘Lucky for me this little guy was in an awesome mood and was very accommodating by letting me gently coax him out by tickling his belly.’

As the weather heats up more and more snakes will be making their presence known, and Mr Huntley says just over the last weekend his company has received more call outs.

This article first published on New Idea.

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