Fans claim this photo proves ELVIS visited Graceland on his 82nd birthday

Is the King alive?

Last week Elvis Presley would have turned 82, and some people are certain this photo proves he is alive!


The photo is of a crowd visiting Graceland on Elvis’s birthday and was posted on the Facebook page Elvis Presley is Alive, where fans began to analyse the photo closely for clues.


Standing front and centre is an older gentleman with a white beard who people claim is an older Elvis in disguise visiting his home.

elvis snapped at graceland
Conspiracy theorists say the bearded man looks like Elvis would at 82.

Some suggest the three men in matching jackets to the back of the photo are security personnel.


Others suggest while it may not be Elvis, it could be Jesse Garon Presley – Elvis’s stillborn twin.


Still quite a few people are skeptical – pointing out that the old man and Elvis don’t much resemble each other and it’s hard to be certain with the glasses, cap, and beard.


What do you think?

comparing elvis
Could Elvis be hiding behind those glasses?

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