See why this image is so powerful

Just what is a rainbow baby?
Facebook: Every Child is a Blessing: The Journey Through My Pregnancy

These beautiful images went viral for the saddest and most inspiring reason.

 The first shot shows the women dressed in rainbow, proudly showing their pregnant bellies.

In the next shot we see the women joyously cradling their new babies.

So why are these pictures so popular?

Because they tell the story of ‘rainbow babies’.

(Facebook: Every Child is a Blessing: The Journey Through My Pregnancy)

Rainbow babies are infants that are born after a miscarriage, stillbirth, infant or child loss. 

They are called that because their birth is the rainbow that comes after the storm of grief and loss, bringing light and hope. 

All over the world, families are celebrating their beautiful rainbow babies and welcoming them into the world. We know these special bubs will bring so much joy. 

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