Scientists discover super healthy seaweed tastes exactly like bacon

Would you eat seaweed? How about if it tasted like bacon?

Researchers at Oregon State University have cultivated an underwater plant which apparently looks like a red lettuce but has twice the nutritional value as kale and – get this – tastes like bacon!

It’s called dulse and grows along the Pacific and Atlantic coastlines. It’s often sold as a dried ingredient for cooking, but this group of scientists have developed a special variety that can be farmed.

Dulse grows in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans
Dulse grows in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans (Credit: Getty)

‘There hasn’t been a lot of interest in using it in a fresh form. But this stuff is pretty amazing,’ said chief researcher Chris Langdon.

‘When you fry it, which I have done, it tastes like bacon, not seaweed. And it’s a pretty strong bacon flavor,’ he added.

It might be a while before you get to try this bacon-lettuce for yourself but we can probably agree that this is the kind of science we can get behind!

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