Mother accused of trying to SELL her own baby on black market

She allegedly put her baby on the market for $21,200

A Russian woman has been accused of selling her newborn baby girl on the black market.

Barnokhon Rasulzhan Kyzy, 23, allegedly handed her one-week-old daughter to an unknown couple for $21,200.

The woman was reportedly caught by an anti-slavery group who fight human trafficking.

She allegedly tried and failed to sell her older daughter for the same price in the past, according to Yahoo7.

An activist who posed as a buyer to ensnare Kyzy Barnokhon alleges she was trying to sell her children because they were an ‘obstacle to her dating men’.

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‘She was not interested in the further fate of her children and told me that “after the deal is done, we do not know each other”,’ the anonymous source said.

It comes as a baby-selling epidemic continues to sweep Russia, with this case the third of its kind in recent times.

The mother has been detained as faces up to six months behind bars. 

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