Retiring employee blasts business with ultimate reply-all email

He has no regrets.

After 35 years it was time for Michael Stuban to hang up his hat.

The 58-year-old had spent almost four decades working the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission and was one form away from retirement – the human resources feedback form.

With nothing left to lose, and minutes from leaving the company for good, Michael thought there was no time like the present to let everyone know how he really felt.

So he hit ‘reply all’ – laying his cards on the table in front of some 2,000 fellow employees.

Slamming the business for its ‘phoneyness’, Michael criticised the company for ‘hiring people off the street when we have qualified [personnel] in our ranks.’

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He accused management of being shady saying ‘everything is a state secret’ with ‘employees kept in the dark’ until decisions that affect them are announced.

Chairman of the Turnpike Commission, Sean Logan, was not impressed to receive the email, using the ‘reply all’ button to his own benefit with a scathing reply that said ‘I don’t believe we have ever met, and have reading your Exit Questionnaire, I am grateful that we didn’t.’

Michael doesn’t much care though, telling the Daily News he thought the chairman missed the point. ‘You don’t have to believe me, but maybe someone should check into it.’

Michael is looking forward to his retirement where he plans to travel and spend more time volunteering with his church.

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