Rescued beachgoers cop criticism for giggling in a photo after they were winched to safety by Surf Life Savers

Do they deserve it?
Facebook / Joe Barnes

Two young women were rescued at Bronte beach on the weekend after they became trapped in a sea cave north of Waverley Cemetery.

A Surf Life Saving boat saw the pair, who were helped onto rocks by a swimmer before being winched to safety by the Westpac Life Saver helicopter.

Paramedics were at Bronte Park to welcome to helicopter, and confirmed that both were okay.

Photos uploaded to social media show the women smiling, which angered some commenters.

Women rescued at Bronte Beach. (Credit: Facebook / Joe Barnes)

‘Both think it’s funny, cost about $3,000 to rescue them,’ one wrote.

Other accused the beach-goers of ‘wasting taxpayer money.’

Joe Barnes, who posted the photo of the helicopter to Facebook is more sympathetic, saying the women became trapped when the water rose, and that Bronte is notorious for tricky surf conditions.

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