Radio host and mum-of-three in tears after psychic contacts her late husband live on air

Such a powerful moment.

A popular psychic has left a radio host and mum shaken after making contact with her late husband who tragically took his own life.

Robin Bailey, a presenter on Triple M, sat through a 90 minute reading with top psychic Deb Webber who says she made contact with Bailey’s late husband, Tony Smart, reports The Queensland Times. 

Mr Smart tragically took his own life in 2014, leaving a devastated Bailey to raise the couple’s three kids, alone.

‘There was some personal stuff that came up that made me cry,’ explains Bailey. Deb also relayed messages from Bailey’s father and grandmother.


She also received good news about her career.

Deb said she was being shown a ladder that related to my career and she kept seeing it going up, so that was really great to hear.’

Webber says the reading did bring up heavy topics for Bailey.

‘A lot of people can take years to get over what Robin has been through, but the universe is proud of how she has handled herself and how she has moved forward.

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