The one toy the royal family refuse to give their kids


In this, the 20th year since the tragic death of Princess Diana, we have been treated to an unprecedented insight into the lives of the royal family as William and Harry tenderly open up about their late mother. 

This also means that we don’t just learn about the boys’ upbringing with the People’s Princess, but also the way she has influenced how William and Kate are raising young George and Charlotte. 

An insider has told US Weekly that William and Kate are keen to be very hands-on, easy-going parents but that said – there is still one kind of toy they will not allow. 

George and Charlotte are not allowed to play with iPads or electronic games. Instead, they’re encouraged to use traditional toys, their imaginations, and play outside with active game and sports. 

Prince George
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Their favourites? Apparently, George loves anything with wheels and is already done with training wheels. Charlotte meanwhile loves playing princess games – even though she doesn’t yet know she is a real-life princess already!

Princess Charlotte
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This article first published on New Idea.

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