Pregnant mum’s heartbreaking photo about breastfeeding her boy has gone viral

‘I feel rejected. I feel useless.’
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A mum desperate to calm down her unwell little boy has shared a vulnerable photo of the pair of of them in the shower, weeping as she realises she can no longer calm him with breastmilk.

Kiwi blogger, Emily Holdaway, has been documenting life with her little boy, Ziggy, on the blog Raising Ziggy.

Earlier this month she shared her heartbreaking photo – realising that her days of nursing her baby better maybe were over.

‘I’ve always been able to fix Ziggy and last night I couldn’t,’ Emily explains in the caption of the photo.

‘From the moment he was born, breastfeeding has been more than just a source of food. It was what he needed when he was upset, in pain, when he was tired.’

Many mums will sympathise with Emily when she says: ‘There was nothing boob couldn’t fix.’

Emily and her partner had decided to let Ziggy decide when he no longer wanted to be breastfed, but Emily admits she didn’t think it would be so soon.


Since the post has gone viral Emily has received messaged of support from mums who feel her pain.

Thanks for this post. ❤️ makes me realize that I should cherish this moment as much as I can…’ one wrote.

Another added: ‘My baby just turned 1 and I am one week into the weaning process. I used to look forward to this in the beginning but now it’s so bittersweet. I know I’m going to really miss it when he is completely weaned.’

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