Pregnant mum outraged after her baby name is ‘stolen’

What would you do?
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An expectant mum has turned to the internet to vent her anger after discovering her husband’s ex and her new partner have ‘stolen’ their chosen baby name.

Posting on Mumsnet, the woman – whose username is Deedee 3311 – said she is 33 weeks pregnant and that she and her husband already use the name when referring to their unborn daughter. 

‘[My husband’s ex,] who he already has a son with, just had a baby and has actually stolen the name we were going to use,’ she posted.

‘We are on amicable terms and she knew what name we had chosen, now she has robbed it. We call the baby by this name and it is THE name we want, but his son can’t have two sisters called the same thing can he?! Livid.’

Some users were quick to agree with the enraged mum.

‘I’d be fuming! She knew! And bloody stole it! I’d use it anyway,’ user, debbs77 said.

But others were not quite so sympathetic.

‘You don’t own the name, there’s millions out there, pick another one,’ Neonrainbow commented, while a user going by the name Astoria7974 said, ‘Of course he can have two sisters with the same name. Both of my nan’s step-sisters had the same name.’

The woman hasn’t announced what she will do yet, but we’re waiting with baited breath!

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