Policeman turns Santa, saves little boy’s Christmas

He went above and beyond!
Roebourne Police

A police officer in Western Australia turned into Santa’s little helper and rescued a little boy’s Christmas.

When a wrapped Christmas present was handed into Roebourne Police Station, Senior Constable Jeremy Dickenson used his investigative skills to solve the case.

‘A nice gentleman handed in the present which he found on the highway,’ Senior Constable Dickenson told the ABC.

‘It was all wrapped up and had a first name on it and then it just had ‘from uncle’, so we didn’t have much to go on.’

Incredibly, the police officer remembered a six-year-old boy with the same first name who received a police road safety award earlier in the year. He then went through the archives and found an address for the boy.

Senior Constable Jeremy Dickenson then went above and beyond by going to the boy’s house and personally hand delivering the gift.

‘He was pretty rapt,’ the officer told the ABC.

‘As soon as we turned up with his big present he was all grins, he was just very happy.’

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