Hubby credits mobile phone with saving his wife’s life in terrifying Manchester bomb blast

She had attended the concert with her daughter and her friends.

The husband of a woman injured in the suicide bomb attack at Manchester has credited her phone with saving her life.

Steve Bridgett’s wife, Lisa, was at the Ariana Grande concert with her daughter and a number of her friends when the nail bomb carried by Salman Abedi exploded.

Sending nails and shrapnel into the air, Steve says a metal nut flew toward his wife but she escaped certain death thanks to her mobile phone.

In a series of dramatic photos posted on Facebook, he explains that the nut hit her hand, then her phone, before piercing her cheek and finally her nose.

The injuries have cost her a middle finger, and she also broke her ankle and is recovering from a large shrapnel wound to her thigh.

The fact she was on her phone at the time probably saved her life,’ Steve says.

‘The nut has hit her phone which has more than likely not only diverted it, but also slowed it down considerably.’

He says his wife is in positive mood, despite her injuries:

‘Lisa is in a positive mood and feels very lucky to be alive, witnessing first hand what could of been.

Steve also shared a picture of Lisa’s shoe, which was covered in blood with a metal piece in it and even managed a joke.

‘This may seem a bit graphic but at the end of the day it’s a reality…she will make a full recovery although I don’t think the finger will grow back!’

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