Husband, 68, charged with murder of wheelchair-bound wife

Her ashes were found along with ‘general rubbish’ in the boot of his car.
South Australia Police

The 68-year-old husband of a wheelchair-bound woman found dead in an Adelaide pond has been refused bail after appearing in court charged with his wife’s murder.

Helen Dansie, 67, drowned when her wheelchair rolled into a pond in Veale Gardens in April 2017. Her husband, Peter Rex Dansie, told police at the time that he tried to save her but the water was too deep, and she was too heavy.

Adelaide Magistrates Court heard, however, that the pond was only 1.1m deep and that a police re-enactment at the scene found she could have been easily turned.

Prosecutor Sarah Attar told court that Dansie had brought a second pair of clothes to the park, and had also had also left his wallet, keys, and watch at the base of a tree before going to his wife’s rescue.

His lack of care for the victim, the prosecution argued, was indicated by the fact that his late wife’s ashes were in the boot of his car, ‘covered in general rubbish’ when police arrested him.

He has been denied bail and will remain in custody until his next court appearance on September 19.

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