VIDEO: Family narrowly escape disaster when car drifts into oncoming traffic

‘There’s no doubt one of us would have died.’

A Perth mum is shaken after narrowly escaping a crash on a road, captured on film by another driver.

The video shows a Holden Commodore slowly drifting across double lines on a bend as Ashley Hunter’s car approached from the opposite direction.

With her son in the car, Ashley had looked down briefly to check the time before looking up again at the road to see the Commodore coming straight for her.

‘I swerved and then I’ve seen the white car that was recording it all and I managed to swerve (around) him as well, which I don’t know how, and I pulled over,’ she told the West Australian.


A report was filed with police however the number plate was not able to be identified.

Ashley is astonished how close she came to tragedy.

‘It’s not just their lives they are risking, it could be kids,’ she said. ‘If we had have hit (another car) there’s no doubt one of us would have died.’

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