Holiday turned horror when baby contracts flesh-eating lung infection

'It was just one thing after another'
Facebook / Brendan Marshall

A family holiday to Thailand turned emergency when 18-month-old Amarli caught a horrifying illness.

Parents Sharna and Brendan Marshall thought their daughter had picked up a simple cold during their 10-day trip to south-east Asia.

When her health failed to improve she was rushed to emergency – where it was found that her mystery condition had triggered flesh-eating bacteria to attack her lungs.

Dad Brendan kept family and friends updated through his Facebook page.

The condition, known as Streptococcus Necrotising Pneumonia, caused Amarli to require surgery where part of her left lung was removed. She was also diagnosed with Haemolytic Rhymonic Syndrome which caused low red blood cells and renal failure – and spend 12 days on dialysis to help repair her kidneys.

‘It was just one thing after another,’ mum Sharna told Colliemail

The family stayed with their little girl in Thailand for 6 weeks while Amarli was treated in hospital.

Despite her life-threatening comdition, little Amarli has made a miraculous recovery.

‘The doctors have been amazed at how sick she was, and they were really concerned that we would lose her, and then on the other side of that how quickly she has recovered,’ explained Sharna.

‘We are looking forward to coming home.’

You can help the Marshall family by contributing to their GoFundMe campaign.

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