Parent’s instructions to babysitter are HILARIOUSLY unexpected

She said what?

It’s not unusual when you book a babysitter to leave them a couple of notes about what the kids need – but this letter is something else!

A guy posted a photo to Twitter showing the incredible list of instructions his girlfriend was given when she was hired to babysit some kids.

Point one sets the tone where the mum declares she likes to let the kids ‘what as much TV as possible, so they will leave me the hell alone’.

When it comes to healthy snacks, point two says ‘don’t bother’.

Point three suggests that the babysitter should look up a video on YouTube on how to breastfeed saying ‘it’s not hard or I wouldn’t do it.’

While most parents would hate the idea of a babysitter bringing a boyfriend to the house, point seven says that’s fine as long as they have ‘an uncle/dad/brother/friend that I can call later’.

The final point, however, is good advice for any babysitter:

‘Do not believe ANYTHING the kids tell you.’

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