Mum’s clever trick to keep her 7-year-old daughter safe online goes viral

It's worked wonders!

An Aussie mum has received incredibly positive feedback from parents around the globe after she shared a trick to help keep her seven-year-old daughter safe from online strangers.

Sue Taher came up with the idea after her daughter admitted to breaking the house rules of talking to a stranger on her iPad and begged to be grounded as punishment.

But rather than confiscate the iPad or ground her daughter, she came up with an even better idea to educate her little one.

Showing a keen interest in politics, Sue decided to pen a fake letter from the Australian government in a hope it would stop her kids from speaking to strangers again.

Facebook: Love What Matters

We regret to advise you that your daughter has breached the Cyber internet safety contract for children under the age of 16 years of age has been found guilty of chatting online with strangers the letter read.

We have disconnected her internet for her safety until further notice.

Posting a photo of the letter on the Love What Matters Facebook page, Sue wrote that she hoped it would serve as a reminder for a few years.

‘I applaud you. 100% perfect parenting’ one father wrote. ‘This is a great idea,’ commented another parent.

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