Mum who gave birth at 12 is now pregnant again

She said finding out she was expecting again was a 'bittersweet moment'

A woman who was named Britain’s youngest mum when she gave birth at 12 after being raped has now announced she is expecting a child with her fiance.

Tressa Middleton, now 23, made world headlines after falling pregnant at 11 years old. But she was forced to give up the child two years later when she admitted her 16-year-old brother, Jason,  had raped her, resulting in the birth.

After DNA tests revealed he was the father, Jason was jailed for four years but Tressa lived with constant guilt about giving up her daughter.

But her despair has now turned to joy, with Tressa announcing she is now expecting a child with her fiance, Darren Young, 30, after a long battle to conceive.

‘Not having my daughter with me still affects me every single day,’ Tressa told The Mirror. ‘Discovering I was pregnant was ­bittersweet. I am so excited about what the future holds and I already love my baby.’

Tressa with her fiance, Darren (Credit: Facebook )

‘I am so grateful I am finally going to be the mother I have longed to be all these years. But I don’t ever want my first child to think I abandoned her, or that I am replacing her with this new baby. I’d welcome her back tomorrow with open arms if I could and I hope she knows she will always be a part of our family.’

Tressa said she’s now  had time to reflect on what actually happened to her.

‘My little girl is 10 now,  almost the same age I was when I fell pregnant,’ she told The Mirror.

‘It has made me realise just how young I was when all that happened. At the time I didn’t feel like I was that young because I had already been through so much but now, it makes me feel sick. No child should have that happen.’

Tressa has now written a book, ‘Tressa: The 12-Year-Old Mum’ about her life.

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