Mum who fed dog food to kids blames disorganised supermarket

'How many other families have been sucked in?'

A horrified mum has taken to Woolworth’s Facebook page to complain about their disorganised store after she bought and fed dog food to her children, confusing them with snack-sized packets of biscuits. 

When Tania Tooney spied the brightly coloured packaging advertising ‘Scooby Snacks’ – biscuits with carob and wholegrains – she thought they looked like a great lunchbox treat. After all they looked healthier than the Tiny Teddies they were stacked up next to. It felt like a great deal. 

‘I put in lunch boxes and kids came home that afternoon and said ‘yuck they are disgusting’,’ she wote in her post (now removed from the Woolworth’s page).

Only when her kids complained about the taste did she realise she had given her children pet food!

‘On closer inspection they are DOG treats. It does say that it is pet food only — human-friendly but not recommended! BE CAREFUL the store is very disorganised.’

A longer look at the packaging makes it clear that these biscuits are definitely not a replacement for Tiny Teddies – they have ‘pet food only’ written on the front, and on the back they boast about their ability to ‘support skin and coat health.’

Scooby Snakcs
(Credit: Woolworths)

Woolworths told that the food was only meant to be stocked in the pets aisle – away from the Tiny Teddies. 

While it may seem like a simple mistake on the part of the mum, and perhaps disorganisation of the store, it is not the first time the bright packaging has confused parents. 

A store in New Zealand discontinued the Scooby Snacks after several parents complained about the confusing packaging.

On reflection, we can see how the cartoon characters on the packaging might be confusing,’ a Pak’n’Save spokesperson told the Whanganui Chronicle.

This article first published on New Idea.

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