Mum shares heartbreaking photo of daughter kissing stillborn baby girl

Heartbroken family share their tender moments.
Sarah Jane Young

Sarah Jane Young was delighted to be pregnant with her second child and had shared her excitement on Instagram with her many followers.

However tragedy struck at 21 weeks, when her little girl Charlotte Rose was stillborn.

In an emotional post on Instagram, Sarah Jane shared heartbreakingly beautiful photos of her lost daughter. Capturing the profound heartache only a mother in her spot would understand.

One photo shows Charlotte Rose’s tiny little feet.

The other captures the beautifully tender moment big sister Mia Grace gently kisses Charlotte Rose.

‘Our hearts are beyond broken and there will never be day that goes by where we don’t think about you – our sweet baby girl.

‘The anger couldn’t be stronger… The seconds are longer and my world has stopped. It’s hard to ever imagine smiling again and trying to be strong for our precious Mia Grace is so, so incredibly hard.’

The courageous mum is determined to see the positives in a devastating situation,  and ended her post with an inspiring message:

‘But if one positive thing can come from losing our daring Charlotte Rose, let it be the reminder to all that EVERYONE has a story.

‘Never judge, never compare and just be. I look forward to brighter days… One day. I will live and love again for you my rose petal. Forever. I love you, mummy x.’

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