Mum says her collection of ‘possessed’ antique baby dolls lets her talk to the dead

‘Skeptics are my favourite!’
Karina Eames

Mum-of-two has shared her collection of ‘haunted’ baby doll toys which she says have ‘spirit attachments’ and allow her to connect with the dead.

Karina Eames, 38, started collecting the antique dolls in her early twenties.

‘I scoured op-shops, antique stores, and eBay,’ she tells that’s life!

Karina has a collected antique dolls for over ten years. (Credit: Karina Eames)

But it wasn’t until a gift of a particularly old doll from her mother on her 34th birthday that she discovered what she describes as a paranormal connection.

‘Sometimes spirits of children and adults who have passed find homes in dolls,’ she explains.

‘As she was so old I wondered whether she had an attachment.’

Her first night with the new doll, Karina says she felt her foot being touched that felt like children’s fingers.

‘But there was no one there!’ she says.

After that odd happenings began all around Karina’s house and she discovered that there were other spirit attachments win her collection.

‘I’ve got more than 700 antique dolls and have evidence of around100 having spirit attachments,’ she said.

Karina now takes her dolls along to paranormal lock-ins where her favourite is convincing skeptics.

‘One man jumped out of his skin!’ she laughs, recalling them hearing the sound of children’s footsteps skipping away. She says he told her: ‘I’m a believer now.’

She also claims to have caught the spirits on camera.

Far from being scared about her paranormal houseguests, she is delighted.

‘I love having so many possessed dolls living with me,’ Karina says. ‘My house will always be happily haunted!

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