Horrified mum finds rat head in her girl’s fried chicken

Restaurant thinks it's just unusually-shaped chicken?

Gruesome pictures are making the rounds of what looks like a deep-fried rat’s head, served to a woman in a New York fried chicken restaurant.

Rosemary Thomas posted the picture to Facebook after she made the grizzly discovery while lunching with her daughter, her sister, and her niece.

‘My daughter is traumatised’ she writes. ‘I know this will have an effect on her for a long time. Yesterday she ate nothing all day. All she kept seeing was the rat.’

Spokesperson for the Popeyes’ restaurant chain, Renee Krapowski, says that the piece of food will be sent for DNA testing to determine if it is in fact a rat – but that it is more likely to be an unsually-shaped chicken organ.

The restaurant received an ‘A’ grade from the New York public health authority 6 months ago, and despite the ‘rat’ debacle a follow-up inspection has the rating looking pretty safe.

Regardless, customers probably won’t be banging down their doors any time soon!

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