Mum changes baby’s name because no one can pronounce it

Even the little girl's grandmother couldn't remember it!
Facebook - Carri Kessler

When picking a name for her newborn daughter, US mum Carri Kessler only had one in mind. Ottilie.

With a British friend by the same name, Mrs Kessler thought it was beautiful and unique.

But after she and husband, Michael, told their family and friends their choice, they realised there was a problem.

‘No one could remember it and no one could pronounce it,’ Mrs Kessler told TODAY.

Even Mrs Kessler’s own grandmother admitted she had post-it notes around her home to remind herself how to say it.

Mrs Kessler soon found herself cringing every time someone tried to say Ottilie.

After three months, the parents decided they had no other option but to change their daughter’s name, settling on Margot.

They sent out a group email to their friends and family announcing the news!

Would you ever consider changing your child’s name?

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