Mother ‘furious’ after her unvaccinated child is uninvited from birthday party

'An unvaxxed kid could kill her'.
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An anti-vaxxer mother has unleashed her fury after her daughter was banned from a birthday party for being unvaccinated.

Sharing to the website Reddit, an anonymous mum claims she found out her daughter’s friend from dance class was unvaccinated after sending out invites to a party.

Upon finding out the child was not vaccinated, she promptly revoked the invite – which did not go down well with the mother.

‘My daughter’s best friend is in remission from leukaemia and is immunocompromised. An unvaxxed kid could kill her,’ she wrote.

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‘I uninvited the dance kid and very nicely explained the situation.’

But the anti-jab mum was allegedly furious and tried to get the mother and daughter banned from the dance school.

The mother described the anti-vaxxer parent as ‘losing her sh*t’.

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‘The dance school owner is an older lady and had no idea there were idiots these days that didn’t [vaccinate], so she implemented a new rule that students had to be up to date and the unvaxxed kid had to find a new dance school,’ the mother added.

‘I felt bad for the kid but her mother is a sociopath. Herd immunity saves lives when it comes to kids fighting cancer.’

This year, the Australian Government implemented a no jab, no pay’ policy, which means parents who don’t immunise their children will have their benefits payments docked accordingly.

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