Missing boy found shopping for Mother’s Day gift with just 40 cents

He just wanted to spoil his Mum
Seven News

A little boy who wanted to treat his mum on Mother’s Day sent his family into a panic when they realised he was missing.

Still in his pyjamas, Raith Barlow, six, propped a chair against his front door and used a broom the lift the latch, allowing him to get out.

With just 40 cents in his pocket, the Geelong boy cycled more three kilometres (including across numerous busy highways) to the nearest Aldi, where he had wanted to purchase a TV.

While attempting to drag the TV towards the register, he caught the eye of the store’s manager, Michael Bourdavalis.

Offering to return Raith home, Bourdavalis then walked with the boy more than one kilometre to a nearby store, where shop owners called police who were already out searching for him.

In just a matter of minutes, officers arrived to take Raith home, where he was reunited with his grateful parents.

‘His heart was in the right place but it’s scary to think he could take off and do that,’ his mother, Stacey, told Seven News.

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