Man with throat cancer shoots friend who got him onto smokes


A man who was diagnosed with throat cancer at just 25 has been accused by police of shooting and killing his work colleague who introduced him to cigarettes.

25-year-old Mustakeem Ahmad had been working at a restaurant in Delhi owned by his brother-in-law when he met fellow cook, Inayat.

Police told the Hindustan Times that Ahmad had grown increasingly jealous of Inayat, who had been becoming more popular at work.

Ahmad had also developed a throat infection, which doctors diagnosed as throat cancer. Ahmad blamed Inayat, who had allegedly introduced him to smoking.

Then, Ahmad lost his job.

Allegedly inspired by hatred toward Inayat, Ahmad began practicing shooting and tried to get his brother-in-law to fire Inayat from the restaurant.

‘He was carrying his loaded pistol to the restaurant and had planned to kill Inayat if he failed to get him fired from the job,’ an investigator told the Hindustan Times.

‘That is what eventually happened. Ahmad ended up picking a fight with Inayat. He later shot at him in the middle of the argument.’

Ahmad fled the scene but was eventually arrested by police.

Inayat died of his injuries in hospital. 

This article first published on New Idea.

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