Man told he was ‘just fat’ has MASSIVE 65 kg tumour removed

It grew for over 15 years.
Facebook / Roger Logan

Roger Logan had been concerned about his increasing weight for several years, however doctors kept dismissing it as obesity.

One doctor, however, who had experience with similar cases recognised Logan’s condition for what it was – an enormous tumour.

The tumour is suspected to have developed from an ingrown hair, and eventually grew so large it hung from his middle.

The growth had confined Logan to a chair for years, and he described the weight as like ‘carrying three bags of cement around you all day long.’

Logan travelled from his home in Mississippi to California to undergo surgery, which his doctor says went well.

His surgeon, Dr. Vipul Dev told KERO: ‘We are very fortunate that we can do this surgery with little to no complications.

GRAPHIC: Photos show 65 kg tumour removed from man doctor’s said was ‘just fat’

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