“Sorry to bother you, I’ve just killed my wife”

Astonishing emergency call after husband is scolded for 'dry chicken' and stabs wife.

A husband has told the court he ‘just snapped’ when his wife of 33 years smacked him across the head as he made dinner.


Russell Worthington, 61, rang for an ambulance for his wife Gail, 63, saying that he ‘stabbed her with a carving knife’ after reaching ‘the end of [his] tether’.


During the emergency call Russell can be heard apologising to Gail.


Oh sweetheart I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry, after all these years,’ he says.


‘Stay still, the ambulance is coming now. Don’t worry my darling.’


Ambulances arrived to find Russell crying, while his wife Gail bled from an abdominal wound in their living room. Gail survived the incident and spent the next five weeks recovering in hospital.


Speaking at her husband’s trial Gail defended Russell saying he had never been violent before, and admitting that she had a problem with drink.


‘I completely change and get nasty – I swear at him, curse him and go off in another world. It’s not very nice for him.


‘I think something like that must have happened that Thursday to make him do that.’


The trial is continuing.

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