Dashcam captures dealership staff speeding in car left for rego check

Car's owner is 'disgusted'.

A man who dropped his car off for a rego check horrified when dash cam shows staff taking it for a joy ride.


When Andrew Siggens dropped his car off for an annual road safety check he didn’t expect anything out of the ordinary.


However he was gobsmacked when he checked the footage recorded by his dash cam later that day.


Precisely when his car was meant to be in the shop, the camera recorded his Nissan Juke blasting along the road at over 20 kph over the speed limit.


Had a speed camera caught the vehicle, Andrew would have had a speeding fine to his name which he says would threaten his dream of becoming a police officer.


He immediately contacted the dealership who assure him action was taken against the staff member concerned, and all other staff have received training.

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