Las Vegas gunman’s chilling comment before massacre

Stephen Paddock made an ominous comment to an amunition seller just weeks before killing spree

A man who was named as a ‘person of interest’ in the Las Vegas mass shooting has claimed gunman Stephen Paddock told him he was ‘going to put on a light show’ just weeks before the massacre.

Douglas Haig, an Arizona ammunition maker, has revealed he sold 720 rounds of ammunition to Paddock just weeks before the massacre, but claims there was no warning signs.

‘He said he was going to go put on a light show,’ Haig told CBS News. ‘And I can’t remember whether he said for or with his friends, but that’s what he did say.’

The rounds Paddock bought were tracer bullets, which leave a trail of light when they’re fired.

The hotel room where Paddock fired from
Paddock’s hotel room (Credit: Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department)

‘I couldn’t detect anything wrong with this guy,’ Haig said.

‘I’m still racking my brain for what did I miss. Why didn’t I pick this up?’

‘He told me exactly what he wanted. I handed him a box with the ammunition in it, and he paid me and he left.’

Douglas Haig
Douglas Haig (Credit: CBS)

Haig said after he learned what his customer had done, he felt horrible and shut his business, Specialized Military Ammunition, indefinitely.

Haig was just one of two named persons of interest in hundreds of pages of police reports released on Tuesday. The other was Marilou Danley –  Paddock’s girlfriend – who authorities said claimed to have no knowledge of the planned attack and won’t be charged.

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