8-year-old takes dad’s van to McDonald’s after learning to drive from YouTube videos

He took his 4-year-old sister down the road for a burger.

An 8-year-old boy was stopped after strapping his sister, 4, in to their dad’s van and driving off to McDonald’s to pick up some burgers. 

The kids, from Cleveland, Ohio, apparently drove roughly 1.6km to their nearby restaurant, obeying all traffic signs along the way. 

Police were called after other drivers noticed that the person behind the wheel was probably a bit too young to be driving a van!

A local police officer told the news that the boy had apparently learned to drive from watching videos on YouTube, and when his mum fell asleep on the couch thought he would nip out and grab some food. 

The route apparently included several intersections and a railroad crossing – which the boy safely navigated without a problem, reports AP

No charges were laid and no one was injured. 

There’s no news on whether they actually got their burgers, either.

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