We swapped kidneys!

Her man's generosity saved two lives in one day!
Nancy Martinez

Nancy Martinez, 35, had suffered from kidney problems her whole life and after giving birth ended up spending 16 hours a week on dialysis.


‘Depression hit me hard,’ she told that’s life!


But when her condition didn’t improve her partner Luke offered to help by donating a kidney.


Sadly he wasn’t a match, but there was another option.


‘If Luke donated his kidney to a stranger, then I could receive one from another donor,’ explained Nancy.


Side by side, Nancy and Luke underwent kidney surgery.


‘Luke’s kidney helped a patient in Sydney, while a man in Perth gave one to me,’ she grins.


‘Whoever you are, I’m so grateful!’


The operation changed Nancy’s life.


‘I have more energy than I know what to do with! And I have my man to thank.’


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the martinez family
Luke and Nancy with their children Jeremiah and Sierra. (Credit: Nancy Martinez)

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