Kangaroo foiled by popcorn packet caught on camera

This hapless chap had an unfortunate run-in with some litter before cameraman comes to the rescue

An unlucky roo has become a online celebrity after a video showing them trapped in a popcorn packet makes the rounds!

The video shows the trapped marsupial struggling with the bag before bumbling into a car and banging his head.

A fellow roo looks on but is no help while the cameraman tries to get close enough to free the critter – who understandably skuttles away, seeing stars. Finally he gets close enough to swiftly remove the bag.

‘There you go buddy,’ the rescuer says as the subdued kangaroo looks around confusedly in the daylight before the clip ends.

He later wrote on the uploaded YouTube video, ‘Would have helped sooner if it’s mate didn’t look like it wanted to Muay-Thai kick me’. 

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