Japanese theme park apologises for freezing 5000 fish in ice rink attraction

The social media backlash was severe.
The Asahi Shimbun / Getty

A theme park in Japan is under fire after freezing over 5000 sea creatures into an ice-rink as decoration.

Employees at Japan’s Space World theme park were excited to unveil the new attraction – called ‘Freezing Port’ – featuring frozen schools of fish and crabs.

However just weeks after the reveal the park suffered a brutal backlash on social media following the broadcast of a TV segment.

‘We were shocked to hear the reaction as the ice skate rink was very popular since it opened two weeks ago, we had an unprecedented number of visitors,’ Space World manager Toshimi Takeda told CNN.

‘We are sorry for the project and decided to close the rink on that night.’

The fish were bought from a fish market and were already dead when they were frozen into the rink.

Takeda says the rink will be thawed, and an ‘appropriate religious service’. The fish will then get used for fertiliser.

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