I caught my hubby cheating on TV


When Helen Gundry, 51, sat down to watch a TV show, she had no idea her world was about to be turned upside down.

The Saturday night variety show was showing a wedding – and one of the guests looked really familiar.

There, on the screen, was Helen’s hubby Daniel – and he was holding hands with another woman. What was going on?

Daniel and Sue on tv
Daniel and Sue appeared on the telly

Helen and her daughter Daisy, 15, thought he was out of the country!

Married for 18-years, a few years earlier Helen and Daniel hit a rough patch and separated.

Helen and Daniel
Helen and Daniel

Daniel’s work took him to Dubai where he met Sue Brooker, 44, and they started a relationship. But a year later, Daniel told Helen he’d split from Sue and wanted to give their marriage another shot. Not long after, Helen saw wedding photos of Daniel and Sue online.

Questioning Daniel, he said the ceremony was just a ‘blessing’ to enable him to live with Sue in Dubai.

Then they saw Daniel and Sue on a TV show, saying they’d been married for two years.

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After going to police, Helen discovered that Daniel had forged divorce documents to marry Sue. Her hubby was a secret bigamist!

Sue, who has bonded with Helen over the experience, was also duped. ‘Everything about our life was a lie,’she said. ‘He lied to the church, the police – he’s lied to everyone.’

Daniel was sentenced to six-months jail for bigamy. ‘I’m just glad that finally he’s been found out,’ Helen said.

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