Hypnotised mum’s incredible ‘pain-free’ birth in front seat of car on the way to the hospital

Ellen Keene

Mum pregnant for the second time nervous about pain told that’s life! she credits her easy second birth to a hypnosis book.

Ellen Keene, 38, had had a horrible time giving birth to her first child.

‘The birth of my first child, Arthur, had been so painful,’ she says.

Knowing this she was gifted a book on hypnobirthing by a friend and despite her scepticism she gave it a read.

‘It encouraged you to use meditation, visualisation, and relaxation techniques to self-hypnotise yourself into a pain-free labour.’

Suddenly, two weeks early, her waters broke and she rushed to the hospital with her husband. Kneeling in the front seat, Ellen was certain she could feel her bug’s head coming.

‘I breathed calmly, visualising an easy birth as the book suggested.

‘Then a wave of heat washed over me, and without even pushing the baby slipped into the seat!’

Arriving at the hospital, doctors were astonished that Ellen’s birth had gone so smoothly.

Named Esmé Florence, Ellen’s little girl will sure have an interesting story to tell on her birthday!

‘I was so calm and had such an easy birth – all thanks to a book!’

Esmé was born healthy and happy. (Credit: Ellen Keene)

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