Hubby’s shock discovery uncovers wife’s secret life

This couple had been married for four whole years when this hubby discovered his wife at another wedding completely

Browsing the internet, Elliott Everard (right) was surprised to come across a photo of his wife, Lisa (left), wearing what looked like white wedding gown.

But they’d been married four years and it wasn’t a photo from their wedding!

When confronted, Lisa, 35, claimed the white frock was just a bridesmaid’s dress she wore for a friend’s wedding.

Unconvinced, Elliott went to the registry office and discovered that Lisa had illegally married her undercover lover, Michael Hughes, in July2016.

Elliott’s life was shattered, with prosecutor Mark Battrick saying, ‘He was distraught. His world had turned upside down.’

Lisa then left the Everard family home and moved in with Hughes, leaving Elliott to care for their two children, aged two and three, alone.

In court, Judge Philip Harris-Jenkins had harsh words for Lisa.

‘This was not an act of naivety. This was deception,’ he said.

In December last year, at Cardiff Crown Court, Lisa was charged with bigamy and sentenced to rehabilitation and 150 hours community service.

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