How police caught murderer destroying evidence on video

Eerie film helped police convict five-time killer
Stephanie Gardiner

Last week Robert Xie was found guilty of murdering five members of his own family including his wife’s sister and his two nephews.

Xie maintained his innocent plea during the entire ordeal, however on Monday police released damning surveillance footage which along with other evidence was key to proving Xie’s guilt.

Robert Xie dissolves shoe boxes in a bucket
Xie cuts up the shoe boxes and softens them in a bucket of water before flushing the contents down the toilet. (Credit: Stephanie Gardiner)

Using a pinhole camera set up in the Xie home, police have footage of him attempting to destroy the boxes his shoes came in after footprints of a particular make of Asics sneakers were found at the murder scene.

When interviewed by police Xie says he watched television with his wife, Kathy, the night of the murders and they discovered the bodies the next morning when they went to visit their family.

Along with the video footage, Kathy’s call to triple-o was also released where she can be overheard telling her husband: ‘I am more scared than you are.

Xie has been convicted of murdering the five victims. 

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