Homeless man inundated with job offers after kind stranger lends a hand

'Give Barry a chance'

Melbourne woman Sherryn Jackson was walking through the city centre when she noticed a homeless man holding a sign. 

She stopped and asked for his story.

Turns out, Barry had moved from Perth to Melbourne for a job but it had fallen through. Left homeless, Barry hadn’t given up on finding work. 

Barry said he’d never been on Centrelink and didn’t want to start now. (Credit: Facebook)

‘He told me he was approved for a job but when he turned up he found out that it had been given to someone else,’ Sherryn told The Huffington Post Australia.

‘He was saying I was the only person that stopped by and actually talked to him about his situation,’ she said.

Taking a photo of Barry with his sign, Sherryn wanted to help.

‘I got home and rang a few trucking companies who said for him to contact them. Then I thought I may as well post the picture of him up on a buy, swap, sell Facebook page,’ she told HuffPost Australia.

Sherryn asked for someone to ‘give Barry a chance’ and was amazed by the response. Generous strangers offered phone credit, jobs and even places to sleep. 

“He said he’d prefer to do driving job, he’s been driving for over 30 years but told me he’d clean toilets if it gave him work,” she told the HuffPost Australia.

Jackson told HuffPost Australia that Barry had said, ‘When everything dies down I want to take you out for dinner, you don’t know how much you’ve changed my life’.

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