Boyfriend gatecrashed year 12 assembly to propose to teacher

This is the most touching story!

When Lara Fresson jumped on stage to enertain her graduating year 12 class in Perth the Mercedes College PE teacher had no idea what was about to happen.

Hamming it up to Britney Spears’ ‘baby one more time’ Lara looked confused and slightly annoyed when the music suddenly cut out. Looking around for the technical glitch she stops when she hears the students in the hall erupt into screams. She turned around to see none other than her boyfriend of 4 years, Gervase Vlahov, standing behind her.

As Lara put her hands to her mouth,  Gervase lifted a microphone to his and announced that he had a question he needed to ask their teacher but first he wanted to say a few things.

Reading from his phone he said words that made the schoolgirls swoon, his girlfriend cry, and the rest of us fan ourselves:

‘To you, she is your teacher. To me, she is my rock,’ he said.

‘My greatest supporter. My inspiration. My partner in crime. Someone who will always listen. Someone who will laugh at my jokes.

‘Someone to push me when times are hard. She is the person who will pick me up when I am low and is with me to enjoy all the highs.

‘She is my best friend and my true love.’

He stepped forward and got down on one knee and proposed as the hall erupted into squeals of delight.

Lara immediately said yes and then she and her fiancé raised their hands to thunderous applause.

The proposal story itself is adorable, but the extra touching part of the story has to do with Gervase and Lara’s father Steve. In 2014, Lara and her family were devastated when her father passed away at 66 after battling acute myeloid leukaemia.

While supporting his girlfriend through this difficult time, Gervase had asked Steve for his daughter’s hand in marriage.

Lara posted a touching photo of her visit to her father’s grave to deliver her happy news in person.

And that’s how the kids at Mercedes College learned an unforgettable lesson about love!

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