Heartbreaking reason this mum is desperate to get her little boy’s hat back

Can you help?

A mum from Tasmania is searching for a very special hat that belonged to her little boy that she thinks was lost at the airport.

Normally I would let it go,’ Katie Peden wrote in a plea posted to Facebook.

‘But this hat has so much sentimental value to us, as it was given to our son by his father, (my husband) who tragically passed away in an accident a year ago.’

Katie’s family was devastated when her husband Bryn passed away after a motorcycle crash last year. She told that her husband had given the hat to their little boy, Braxton, saying he’ll grow into it. And he has worn it ever since.

‘So this hat is very sentimental to us, as Bryn’s belongings are all we have left of him, they are very special to us.’

She says she feels guilty for losing the hat – but she was juggling Braxton and his little brother and had to rush for a gate change at Sydney airport, flying to Launceston.

‘I feel Jetstar have been as helpful as they can be — I’ve explained the situation and I could feel the empathy in their response.’

She’s now hoping spreading the word will bring this treasured item home.

I know it’s a long shot,’ she writes in her post online. 

‘But hopefully if someone has picked this up, they can see the sentimental value it has to our family and will contact me to return it.’

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