Grandma suspected of human trafficking just really good at painting

The Police officer had to laugh.
Kathy Cadle

When grandmother Kathy Cadle was told by her boyfriend that a Police officer wanted to talk to her, she was astonished to hear what it was about.


‘There’s a report of you selling a baby,’ announced Sgt. Frank Goscewski, when she met him at the door.


Turns out Sgt. Goscewski had been keeping an eye on Kathy for most of the day – convinced she was involved in trafficking human babies.


‘I said, well do you want to see what it is you’re investigating? So I bring him the baby and he just got this big grin,’ Kathy recalls to the Chronicle-Telegram.


Turns out Kathy and her sister Rachel have been painting lifelike vinyl baby dolls for their business, Bunny Bundles.


The business also donates the dolls to nursing homes, where they help ease anxiety in patients living with Alzheimer’s disease.


Funnily enough on the same day, her sister Racher had been put in the paper advertising their business.


‘She ends up on the front page of the paper, and I end up being (investigated),’ jokes Kathy.


Satisfied no human rights were being violated, the Police dropped the investigation. But before leaving they left the house Kathy was sure to get a picture with Sgt. Goscewski.


‘People are going to freak,’ she said.

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