Gorgeous grandson announces that ‘Dancing Nan’ is retiring from Facebook fame

'You're getting tired, eh, Nan?'
Jarryd Stoneman/Facebook

The adorable grandson who stole our hearts when he shared a video of him dancing with his great-grandma is at it again.

Jarryd Stoneman, 24, and his nanny, Katie Thomas, became social media sensations last year after this clip went viral:

We shared their gorgeous story, too, which you can read here.

Since, Jarryd – who is his nanny’s main carer – has regularly posted updates about their special bond to his Facebook page.

Now, he’s posted a touching video announcing his nanny’s retirement from Facebook fame.

‘I just think it’s the right time for her to just park up and get out of the public eye,’ Jarryd explains.

‘You’re getting tired hey, my nan?’ he asks her, tenderly.

Dancing Nan (Credit: Supplied)

Thanking all their fans, he added, ‘There’s plenty more years to come’.

‘You’re still doing fine, aye nanny? It’s just time for her to get off Facebook and just chill.’

Giving his nanny a kiss on the cheek, Jarryd closes the video by saying, ‘For now it’s goodbye’.

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