Girl shot dead by estranged dad

He was accidentally sent her safe house address
Lyndsey Slipstone

A seven-year-old girl was murdered by her father after a lawyer accidentally sent him the address of the safe house where she lived with her mum.

Mary Slipstone was gunned down on her doorstep as she stood next to her mum.

The pair had moved from their home in Britain to a safe house but Mary’s father, Yasser Alromisse, was accidentally sent the secret address in divorce papers.

Even though Mary’s mum Lyndsey alerted police her call was passed on go the wrong team.

Despite the effort, a review of the case said it couldn’t be proved that Alromisse had seen the address on the papers.

Lyndsey has slammed the lack of support she received during her five-year custody battle.

She said of her daughter: ‘She was a happy girl and she was developing as a person in her own right, which is what every child deserves.’

(Credit: Lyndsey Slipstone)


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