Heartbroken mum of tourist learned her girl was dead after phoning her workmate

It was like she was the last to know about the tragic accident.

The mother of a German backpacker killed in a tragic car accident in Western Australia learned of her girl’s death a whole two days after when she phoned her work.

26-year-old Savannah Kuhn was driving a Holden Jackaroo with two friends when she hit a section of unsealed road and rolled the vehicle. While her two friends survived the crash, Savannah was thrown from the vehicle and tragically died.Viktoria Kuhn, Savannah’s mother who still lived in Germany, hadn’t heard from her girl for several days so she contacted her daughter’s work place where Savannah’s colleague had to break the news.

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Viktoria was horrified that she was one of the last people to be notified of the accident and asked WA police how this could have happened.

‘They said procedure is to contact Interpol, but because they can take so long, this can happen,’ Mrs Kuhn said, reports Courier Mail.

‘A lot of people are finding out over Facebook. If they know this is happening, why don’t they change it?’

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