Fresh hope for ‘Thumbelina’

Will this US specialist save her life?
Facebook / Jakob Lang

A little girl dubbed “Thumbelina” due to her rare form of dwarfism is travelling to the US in the hope a specialist can save her life.

Helena Lang, from Sydney, has Diastrophic Dysplasia dwarfism, and has nearly died three times. 

Parents Jaime Jenkins and Jakob Lang say doctors in Australia are stumped as to how to treat their daughter so they’re raising money so a specialist in the US can treat her scoliosis, cleft palate, club feet and small chest cavity.

Helena’s condition has led to her having breathing problems because of her small chest cavity. (Credit: Facebook / Jakob Lang)

Aged one, Helena is struggling to breathe and her parents are considering heart surgery after several “trial and error’ procedures in Australia.

‘If we don’t go through with the (chest) surgery, she will continue to have the compressed airway and in blunt honesty, we aren’t too sure how long her little body could continue on working so hard to breathe,” said Jaime.

Both Jaime and Jakob are almost six foot tall and had no idea they both carried the same dwarfism gene until a scan during pregnancy revealed the condition.

Helena lang and her dad jakob and mum jaime
Devoted parents, Jakob and Jaime are determined to give their girl the best life they can. (Credit: Facebook / Jakob Lang)


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