Four-year-old girl in intensive care after horror hot tub accident causes bowel to rupture

Nicola Floyd / Facebook

A young girl is fighting for her life after her bottom became stuck on a hot tub filter in the pool of a hotel.

Nicola Floyd, 28, was enjoying the bubbles with her daughter, Isabella, in a jacuzzi when the four-year-old girl’s bottom became sucked on to the hot tub filter at the Admiral Hotel in Bulgaria.

Her panicked mum attempted to pull her free but the power of the vacuum was too strong – and Isabella began to shout that her tummy was sore.

‘She was shouting ‘my tummy, my tummy’. I tried to pull her up and break the vacuum, but it was too strong. I tried to break the vacuum with my fingers,’ the devastated mum told The Sun.

‘My mother switched the jacuzzi off and ran for help but it still would not let her go. She was there for about a minute.’

A lifeguard came and switched off the electronics that powered the hot tub, but by then serious damage had been done.

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Nicola explains that Isabella’s bowel had been so badly damaged that sections of her intestines had to be removed.

She is now in an induced coma in hospital while doctors attempt to repair the damage.

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