Woman gets flesh-eating bug after dip in the sea

At first she didn't worry about the pin-sized hole

The beach lover is now speaking out to warn others

A woman has contracted a flesh-eating bug after taking a dip in the sea. 

Beachgoer Leann Thibodeau had a pinhole-sized cut on her left foot, but as it had scabbed over she didn’t think anything of it as she headed into the water.

But a few days after her trip to Manasaota Beach, Florida, the same foot swelled up and turned red.

Leann Thibodeau
Leann said she loved going to the beach (Credit: Facebook/Leann Thibodeau)
Facebook/Leann Thibodeau
Leann’s foot before surgery (Credit: Facebook/Leann Thibodeau)

Unable to walk, Leann went to hospital where she was diagnosed with a group A Streptococcus infection, which is behind flesh-eating infections such as necrotizing fasciitis.

In severe cases it can cause loss of limbs and death.

After undergoing surgery and taking antibiotics, Leann wrote a Facebook post to warn others of the dangers.

Facebook/Leann Thibodeau
Leann’s foot stitched up (Credit: Facebook/Leann Thibodeau)

She is now recovering from her ordeal.

‘[Beachgoers] need to be aware that there is bacteria in the water,’ she told WINK news.

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