Sex-trafficked girl saved mid-flight by quick-thinking flight attendant

She saved the girl's life.

Flight attendant, Shelia Fedrick, has been credited with saving the life of a sex-trafficked teenager by secretly communicating with her via a sticky note.

When Shelia began her shift on the Alaska Airlines flight she couldn’t stop looking at a girl in her mid-teens who was sitting on the end of a row.

With greasy blonde hair, the girl was dishevelled-looking. What aroused Shelia’s suspicions was that her travelling companion was a much older, well-dressed man.

When spoken to the girl avoided eye contact, and the man became defensive.

Fedrick, whispered to the girl and managed to convince the girl to go to the bathroom, where she had left a sticky note on the mirror asking if she was alright.

‘She wrote back on the note,’ says Fedrick, in an interview with NBC News, ‘and said: ‘I need help’.’

Fedrick then alerted the pilot who radioed the airport. When the plane touched down the police were waiting and rescued the girl.

This is now an important part of flight attendant training – with airline staff taught to keep an eye out for young people who seem frightened, travelling with people either much older to better-dressed and report it as soon as they see something suspicious.

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